Case Studies

Sharp Earth: a brief history of our newest multi-script sans serif typeface by Lucas Sharp, drawn in collaboration with a team of local experts from around the globe


Sharp Grotesk Global the making of

Sgg weight spectrum

Twilio Sans a bespoke superfamily for the communications platform pioneer

A spirited academic exercise in type design for a storied collegiate institution Williams College


Dropbox Sharp Grotesk
All 294 fonts of it

Getting to know the Beatrice Superfamily

In use for Slanted Publishers - Total Armageddon, A Slanted Reader on Design

Making the Ogg Superfamily The drawing of a contemporary digital classic

Ogg Alice
Hand lettering by Oscar Ogg

Malee Scholarship
A scholarship, a resource, and a community to promote diversity for women in type design

Financial assistance and mentorship to support and empower women of color as they pursue a career in type design.
Calligraphic source material for the Malee Scholarship brand system by Father Edward Catitch

Samsung goes Global with Sharp Sans

Samsung Bus