The Malee Scholarship 2022 Special Recognition

The Malee Scholarship specially recognizes four women for their unique achievements and contributions to the type design industry.

This year The Malee Scholarship recognizes Lana Soufeh, Lina Paola Garzón Gallardo, Quỳnh Hương Nguyễn Đức, and Norma Elzoghbi for their achievements and contributions to the type design industry. Together they represent Jordan, Columbia, Vietnam, and Lebanon. The Malee Team was impressed with how their work revolves around typeface design in diverse ways from Arabic typeface design and editorial design, to embroidery and animation.

Lana Soufeh

Lana Soufeh is a type designer from Amman, Jordan. She received her Bachelors in Graphic Design in Beirut, Lebanon. Currently, she is based in Lausanne, Switzerland while attending her Masters in Type Design at ECAL. While she describes herself as having an ongoing conflict with her culture, she specifically fell in love with it more and more when writing, reading, and speaking Arabic. Her experience at ECAL was the first step she took towards learning type design. While she did not have any knowledge in Latin type, ECAL offered her extensive guidance and access to resources and experiments to fulfill her research and further her learning. Lana is eager to learn and explore her mother tongue first through Latin type design, since there are not any schools and not enough digital Arabic typefaces. Following her studies, she hopes to continue her path and passion in type design and typography, and impact other young Arab designers around her.


Lina Paola Garzón Gallardo

Lina Garzón is a Latin American graphic designer currently based in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied advertising and graphic design from the Universidad Central de Colombia. In 2015, while working as an advertiser at Leo Burnett, she was introduced to typography. She developed her own brand @gallardaa to show different ways to enjoy typography such as embroidery and painting. She was previously a volunteer for Type Thursday Barcelona and Bogotá. Currently, she is working on a Gallarda, an experimental display typeface inspired by her personality and a particular way to see the lines in typography.


Quỳnh Hương Nguyễn Đức 

Quỳnh Hương is a graphic and self-taught type designer currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She takes inspiration from her heritage and language. Her work often consists of hand-lettered, type-based motion and illustrative pieces which reflect Vietnamese culture. Having recently pivoted her practice to be primarily focused on typography and lettering, Quỳnh Hương hopes that creating work in her native language will help influence others within her local creative community to do the same and celebrate their origins. She is passionate about raising awareness of the diversity in Vietnamese typography and visual culture in the worldwide creative industry.


Norma Elzoghbi

Norma Elzoghbi is a graphic designer and type designer from Lebanon. She received her Bachelors in Graphic Design with a minor in English Literature at the American University of Beirut. As a child, she actively questioned the history that was being taught in her school, paging through redacted and censored books to figure out truths. This experience fed her rebellious appetite to be critical of corruption in her city and the faults of the parliament. At first, she wanted to become a writer, to share all that she learned and continued to question. However, during her university studies, typography became the only language she was enthralled by, and her words became more powerful when they not only spoke through textual content but through visual personas. After graduating, she worked for two years and employed her newly acquired typographic skills. She describes how working with letterforms became instinctive and her explorations were limitlessly crossing boundaries of conventional work. This year, she proceeded to attend the Masters in Type Design at ECAL take her design studies to the next level and be able to communicate with a mass of people about excruciatingly vital issues across borders.