SSENSE “Steps to Stillness” & Carta

Rachel Day and Justin Sloane collaborated on a multimedia mixtape for Montréal-based luxury and streetwear retailer SSENSE.  Steps to Stillness is a piece on the online magazine that is part visual meditation and part offering with practices to restore and recenter.

The story is one of the earliest uses of Carta Nueva by My-Lan Thuong, and the script typeface fittingly resonates with the story’s ambient and gentle tone. Unlike contemporary representations of wellness that can be flashy and prescriptive, these monochrome illustrations are soothing with their bluish-gray tones. Readers can learn how to make instant pot congee, a simple macrobiotic meal plan, as well as three Qi Gong movements.

Client: SSENSE
Designers: Justin Sloane & Rachel Day
Typeface: Carta Nueva