Sharp Type in Shoplifters No. 10

We’re honored to have three of our typefaces featured in the latest Shoplifters. Released in the spring of 2022, this is the second compendium of new and notable type design from our friends at Actual Source. Every release of Shoplifters is anticipated as a modern collectible, and each edition is approached with a unique design logic and thematic language -- no two have been alike in form or content. (In fact, this edition might be the first topical retread.)

This experimental ethos compels the two main minds behind the multi-platform brand, JP Haynie and Davis Ngarupe, to consider their biannual publication with a perpetual sense of conceptual freedom and creative discipline. As they’ve said, “Shoplifters doesn’t have a single identity; its size, paper, typography, and tone changes each time it’s published. We look at it as an exercise in curation: how the book can come together with the right group of people. It’s also an exercise in creating relationships."

Shoplifters No. 10 features Carta Nueva by My-Lan Thuong, Greenstone by Connor Davenport, and Trois Mille (aka 3000) by Marc Rouault.


Carta Nueva by My-Lan Thuong


Trois Mille (3000) by Marc Rouault


Greenstone by Connor Davenport

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