Romance Journal & Beatrice Display

Award winning branding studio RoAndCo publishes an annual publication – Romance Journal — a thoughtful, creative endeavor to “explore truth and raise our collective consciousness through the eyes of powerful, thoughtful, and creative humans awakening to their life’s purpose.” The theme of this year's issue is Creation. As RoAndCo founder Roanne Adams eloquently puts it in her opening letter from the editor, “We all carry feminine and masculine energy within us. Leaning into our feminine side, no matter what our gender identity or expression, helps us to connect to intuition and our deeper knowing to realign ourselves with our true nature. This means tapping into that vulnerable place inside each and every one of us; the place that connects us to all things, that bursts with creative energy.” 

For this issue, the designers chose Beatrice Display and Beatrice as the primary typefaces. Stunning both in its design and content, this issue features intimate interviews with women leaders who harness the power of the divine feminine including Sophia Roe, Erica Chidi Cohen, Stéphanie Di Gusto, and Kristin Victoria Barron, and Loie Hollowell — women who are artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and advocates tuning in to meaningfully create for themselves and for the world.

Client: Romance Journal
Typeface: Beatrice Display & Beatrice
Art Direction & Design: RoAndCo Studio

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