Pararemos Todo & Sharp Grotesk

On March 9, 2020, tens of thousands of women came together in Mexico for a national strike and two-day protest demanding government action towards violence against women. Since 2019, the cases of murders of both women and young girls have increased and on average, ten women are killed each day. 

In light of the protests, a group of women came together to design a series of ten posters titled Pararemos Todo (“We will stop everything”) usingSharp Grotesk superfamily. “Since the government doesn’t listen to us, then we will stop, stop everything,” Fernanda González reported on VICE. The strike and the absence of women in classrooms, offices, streets, spaces, and lives emphasized how important and integral women are in the world.

Each poster features a portrait of a woman framed by powerful phrases using Sharp Grotesk’s range of weights and widths. The phrases include “Somos el grito de las que ya no están” (We are the cries of those who are gone), “Con ropa o sin ropa, mi cuerpo no se toca” (With or without clothes, my body is not to be touched), and “No nací mujer para morir por serlo” (I was not born a woman to die for being one) and take up as much space as possible on the poster to be noticed and make an impact. 

Art Direction & Concept: Debora Rodam
Photography: Sol Bela
Designer: Álvaro Franca
Typeface: Sharp Grotesk


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