Ogg for the Letterhead of the President of Colombia


In March, a prolific Twitter user named Natalia Calao posted a photo of a typed letter by Gustavo Petro Urrego, the current President of Colombia. She highlighted the letterhead, asking, "Necesito saber cómo se llaman esas tipografías que tiene esta carta, especialmente la que dice 'Presidente de la República de Colombia'. Qué bellezura." ("I need to know the name of the fonts used in this letter, especially the one that says 'President of the Republic of Colombia.' What a beauty.")


Calao, a calligrapher based in Macondo, received numerous responses from her audience. Everything from Milanesa to Bogart to Bahar and even Papyrus (lol) were suggested before a type studio called Caldéron responded with the correct answer:


It's a random but amazing in-use case. The question that remains is whether the government of Colombia actually licensed Ogg.