Nanjing Art Fair International & Beatrice Display

The Nanjing International Art Festival (NJIAF) is an annual art festival that takes place in Nanjing of the Jiangsu province in China. For the 2020 fair, our friends at Untitled Macao designed the identity which includes a custom logotype using Beatrice Display.

The branding includes whirlwinds of vibrant colors and gradients, a signature move by the studio. To pair, the logotype takes a slightly unconventional approach by turning an all-caps acronym into an all-lowercase lockup. Beatrice Display Italic’s lowercase characters by design have high-contrast strokes that exit with drama. The designers played on this element by including additional exit strokes to each character, resembling the whisker-like effects produced from dry brushstrokes. These details were also applied to the Chinese typefaces to pair. 

Client: Nanjing International Art Fair
Designer: Untitled Macao
Typeface: Beatrice Display


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