LiveWire + Trois Mille

LiveWire is an American electric motorcycle manufacturer originally launched in July 2021 as the dedicated electric vehicle division for Harley Davidson. They launched its first model, the LiveWire ONE with comprehensive brand identity provided by San Francisco-based studio Manual Creative. In late September of 2022, the company spun-off from its parent company and became the first publicly traded electric motorcycle company in the United States. A second model, the S2 Del Mar, debuted at the same time, offering a more compact bike geared towards the city-dweller. 

Manual Creative decided to use Marc Rouault's Trois Mille as the main typeface for LiveWire's branding system. Their goal was to steer their image away from the negative connotations of the "e-bike" and instead use the brand's Harley Davidson parentage to highlight uniquely American ideals: the joyride, the freedom of escape, and the best of "Made in the USA" engineering and power. (The European sleekness of the typeface and the overall clean design of the bikes themselves also play against its Harley Davidson legacy--and the heavy metal connotations of the company's own namesake--in a likely bid to "have it all" in terms of brand associations.)

Trois Mille, published by Sharp Type, is an eye-catching typeface, expertly constructed and already a modern classic. It is genre-defying and pioneering in its exuberant defiance of normal type conventions, highlighted by its inverted contrast and pinched stroke intersections. Its impressively large and dramatic width system also means the application possibilities are endless, which Manual Creative used to great effect throughout LiveWire's branding system.

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