Kin Euphorics & Ogg

Kin Euphorics is a New York-based company specializing in concocting euphorics: beverages designed to “give you a buzz without the booze.” The drinks are a combination of nootropics, adaptogens, and botanics which are meant to store and balance both body and brain. In an interview with Vogue, co-founder Jen Batchelor described how Kin is not necessarily about avoiding alcohol, nor is it another trend in the wellness game. She says, “This is about opening up flow state and finding a new way to revel. We don’t want to be in meditation and yoga studios. Find us at the bar."

Our friends at RoAndCo art directed and designed the branding to illustrate the bliss and ease of a Kin euphoric. Paired with this dreamy campaign, the studio chose Ogg as a primary typeface to use across print and digital media. 

Client: Kin Euphorics
Designer: RoAndCo
Typeface: Ogg

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