Kelet & Beatrice Display

KELET is a documentary about the life of a young Somali trans woman in Finland filmed from 2017 to 2019. The story follows Kelet who after coming out, was cut off from her family in Manchester and returned to her childhood home Finland. There, she found the support of her friends in the Vogue community and began to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.

Helsinki-based designer Marina Veziko worked on the visual identity for the film. The logotype and headings set in Beatrice Display Black Italic — elegant and strong, much like the tone of the movie. Beatrice is used throughout the rest of the documentary, set in vibrant colors and used as a complementary text face and credits. We got a chance to hear from Marina who recalled:

“I knew I wanted the identity to be big and bold, but at the same time soft, elegant, and playful. It had to be unapologetic and iconic. Feminine, masculine, unisex. Beatrice Display was an instant fit, checking all the boxes. The whole team loved it from the beginning, including Kelet herself.”

Kelet is the first Finnish film with a trans woman-of-color protagonist. In a statement, the Director Susani Mahadura wrote, “We need role models. We need representation. We need stories that celebrate Blackness and gender diversity and that encourage young people to fearlessly follow their dreams. We need a society that is safe for people of all colours and genders. I believe in the power of this story. I believe in Kelet. And above all, I believe in the power of Kelet’s story to make this a safer and more equal society.

We are honored and excited to see our typefaces in use for a documentary so historic and pivotal in bringing forth the stories of trans women of color. 

Client: Kelet Designer: Marina Veziko Director: Susani Mahadura
Photography: Saara Taussi
Typefaces: Beatrice Display & Beatrice

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