Jerry Gogosian & Sharp Grotesk

Jerry Gogosian’s true identity remains anonymous to this day, but the art-world satirist has grown popular with memes that poke fun at art-world culture. The woman behind the pen name mashed together two of the art world’s most well-known figures: art critic Jerry Saltz and blue-chip gallery owner Larry Gagosian. Jerry Gogosian makes memes that stir up laughs, and also has more thoughtful, critical discussions with artists in a new interview series on Instagram Live called Studio Visit.

Designer Berto Herrera designed a set of flyers advertising the interviews using Sharp Grotesk. The flyers feature work by painter Darryl Westly, digital media artist Ziyang Wu, virtual reality artist Ali Eslami, and many more. According to Herrera, “Using Sharp Grotesk Black and Hofmann were a great way to show the push/pull, give/take, dog eat dog atmosphere that we all partake in under capitalism. The only guideline given was to design a system that could be used again, everything else I was given carte blanche. Given that larger blue chip galleries and mid-tier galleries gravitate towards minimal modernist approaches/aesthetics that render the flyer as visually safe. I wanted to move away from that notion and illustrate the complexities and hectic times our society lives in while maintaining the artist’s creative integrity and highlighting their work.

Client: Jerry Gogosian
Designer: Berto Herrera
Typeface: Sharp Grotesk