Eye Magazine & Doyle

Eye Magazine is an international magazine based in London that has published critical and informed writing on graphic design and visual culture since 1990. For each issue, the Eye creative team selects a guest typeface as their primary typeface. Issue No. 99, vol. 25 dives into the ecology of graphic design and business, and is set completely in the full range of our typeface, Doyle.

After Art Director Simon Esterson, had come across Doyle, his team reached out to us to get a copy of the typeface. Once taking Doyle on a test drive in the layouts, Esterson and his team discovered that Doyle proved extremely versatile and reliable — both as a display typeface for headlines in the darker weights, and at smaller sizes for body copy and captions in the lighter weight. The darkest weight of Doyle with round, plump serifs, was an exercise in drawing the iconic Cooper Black from memory, while the lightest end of the spectrum takes on a slab-serif style reminiscent of ITC American Typewriter. 

We got a chance to hear from Art Editor Holly Catford who mentioned:

“[Doyle]’s got so much character. We’ve set it big and bold for Francesco Franchi and Gottschalk + Ash. But we’ve also been able to use it in a restrained, systematic way for the Front Matter and Reviews sections. I love that it’s still got all the fun of Cooper Black, but it’s so usable.” 

Doyle’s personality transforms drastically across the spectrum, but it is this playful tension — between jovial amorphousness and rational typographic structure — that makes the family so versatile.

Client: Eye Magazine
Art Director: Simon Esterson
Art Editor: Holly Catford
Designers: Sophie Dutton and Leo Field 
Typeface: Doyle

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