El cava elaborado en Requena & Ogg

El cava elaborado en Requena (The cava made in Requena) is a 200-page compendium by José V. Guillem that celebrates 40 years of Cava production in Requena, Spain. The cover and interior headlines are typeset with Ogg

On the cover, Ogg sits quietly alongside die-cut circles reminiscent of the sparkling wine’s bubbles that also reveal the pinkish gradient of cava behind it. The interior pages juxtapose the type with striking photographs of the varying stages and environments of cava production.

According to the designer Quique Lopez from Spain studio pino.design, “The use of Ogg Regular at a big size gave the book an extra soft touch and chic façade. Ogg is a classy typeface with its hard contrast between hairlines and wide brackets. It mixes calligraphy and type design and we love how you can discover something new when you look at it over and over again.”
Designer: pino.design


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