Eartheater & Carta Nueva

Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skinis a new experimental album by Eartheater created during a ten-week artist residency in Zaragoza, Spain. The ethereal and enchanting sounds are complemented with fiery cover visuals and text set in Carta Nueva.

We got a chance to hear from N MRE 08, the design studio behind the album’s typography. “Carta has a perfectionist aspect that we really appreciate. The sheer melodic quality, its rhythm and elegance, creates a sensitive yet timeless feel,” they shared. “Eartheater’s ethereal frequencies and her brutally intimate lyrics work greatly with Carta — it’s like her lyrics were written in Carta in the first place. There is this gravity to it that sort of enchants and draws you into this cinematic universe and helps you make more sense of everything.”

Client: pan__hq & Eartheater
Designers: N MRE 08
Art Direction: Eartheater & Daniel Sannwald⠀
Cover Artwork: Daniel Sannwald⠀
Typeface: Carta Nueva


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