Dagne Dover & Trois Mille

Dagne Dover is a New York-based handbag company, with a mission to “merge function and fashion, and support the working woman and her command-center handbag by eliminating the hassles of traditional, black-hole bag interiors.”

Founded in 2012, the company recently refreshed their logo with Trois Mille (3000). The typeface originates from Marc Rouault’s project during TypeMedia Master’s program in the Netherlands, and is now available in the  Sharp Type library. The new logotype can be seen on digital environments and advertisements, and on out-of-home graphics alongside major cityscapes. 

Client: Dagne Dover
Typeface: Trois Mille (3000)

Dagne Dover B4After
Dagne Dover Logo Horizontal

Many small, but important adjustments were made to create the Dagne Dover logotype. The stems and apertures were expanded and widened for greater legibility. The bowls of the 'D', 'O', were widened to fill the negative space within the word shape, along with the 'R' to perfectly align Dagne and Dover when stacked. For visual continuity, we adjusted the stems of the The 'E' and the 'R' to perfectly align. And, finally, letter-spacing was added to perfect the word shape. 

Dagne Dover Overlap

The default ‘G’ in Trois Mille has an open counter, with a curve that tapers to meet the stem. Marc drew a customized ‘G’ with a crossbar for Dagne Dover’s new logotype, which will also be included as an alternate in the upcoming release of the typeface family.


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