Collaborative Change & Simula, Garnett

Since the pandemic began, the world has been sweeping with change. Outdated institutions and models of thinking have been rethought, and new possibilities and futures have been cultivated. Across the world, communities have organized initiatives from community food programs to art installations. A new web platform, called Collaborative Change, works to document these collaborative efforts that are happening worldwide, using Simula for headlines and Garnett for text. 

This platform itself is a collaborative effort across The London School of Architecture, ft’work, The London Festival of Architecture and The Future Fox. The website exists as a digital catalogue, constantly growing and open for submissions from anyone. Collaborative Change’s goal is to record and celebrate these responses to a transformative global event, ultimately inspiring and prompting further action.

Client: Collaborative Change
Designer: Matthew Luke
Typefaces: Simula & Garnett


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