Ciné & Beatrice Display

Cinegiornate is an annual cinema festival in Riccione, Italy, dedicated to professionals in the film industry. For its 9th running year in 2019, Paula Del Mas served as the Art Director and designer, creating a typographically driven identity with Beatrice Display as the primary typeface on posters, brochures, badges, invitations, signage as well as banners for the façade of the building.

The overlaying, multicolored type and Beatrice’s unique internal contrast design, create a sense of dynamic movement and cinematic energy. Del Mas said she was inspired by the repetition of film frames and movement in cinema, which led her to layer Beatrice Display to create a typographic pattern. Gimmewings Studio also put this pattern into motion with animated graphics that played before each screening.

Client: Ciné
Art Director & Designer: Paula Del Mas
Typeface: Beatrice Display
Motion: Gimmewings Studio


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