Carta Nueva in use for Nike Women Paris Event


Nike Women Paris and the performer/choreographer Parris Goebel collaborated on a dance battle, an event held at the Maison de la Mutualité in December 2023. For the occasion, they used Carta Nueva, designed by My-Lan Thuong, throughout the campaign, which included both digital and material assets. Carta Nueva’s Spencerian-style script is used at a variety of scales throughout the campaign, highlighting its lithe and acrobatic rhythm. Carta Nueva is paired with tightly spaced National 2 Narrow and ABC Monument Grotesk Mono.

In keeping with Parris Goebel’s vision, many designers designed custom clothing for this show in collaboration with Nike. Additionally, a print catalogue presented the scenes and perfomers presents at the event. Carta Nueva was paired and used as a title type in the catalogue.

Carta Nueva Nike France Campaign
Carta Nueva Paris Banner
Carta Nueva Nike Poster
Carta Nueva Nike Poster 2
Carta Nueva Nike Event
Nike Carta Nueva Print
Nike in Carta Nueva

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