myst milano. & Carta Nueva

Beyond the Uncanny Valley
Beyond the Uncanny Valley Album release party poster

Carta Nueva is used prominently as the title font of rapper myst milano.’s new album. Everything is beautiful and very detailed on this album cover and the accompanying assets: from the nails to the set up, the makeup and the hairstyle, the green-yellow vinyl, and finally the typeface.

album cover
album cover

Chosen by graphic designer Olenka Szymonski, Carta Nueva, designed by My-Lan Thuong for Sharp Type, offers an abundance of delicate details, such as the capital /V reaching over its companion letters in “valley”.

myst milano. is a well-known rapper, producer, and DJ from the Toronto music scene, hip-hop, house, and black electronic music. “I offer Beyond the Uncanny Valley as a working anthology of Black electronic music across generational, geographical and genre lines,” myst milano. writes. “I thought a lot about staples of Black art across the world that can be traced back to Africa, and that link the diaspora regardless of where our people end up and throughout all eras.”

Beyond the Uncanny Valley was written, performed and produced by myst milano., with additional production by David Psutka. Portrait photography by Jorian Charlton with assistance from Joshua Rille.

Beyond the Uncanny Valley Album release party poster

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