Sharp FM 018: POiSON GiRL FRiEND for Sharp Freehand

Poison gf
Cover features Sharp Freehand the silhouettes of weapons from the Final Fantasy video game.

Sharp FM 018 debuts alongside our new Sharp FM webplayer!

Cult favorite POiSON GiRL FRiEND gifts us with an exclusive mix where, in her own words, "Gen X meets Gen Z. Love, love, love… L’amour, l’amour, l’amour… Dedicated to the encounters and love between music-loving people from different spheres."

Our Sharp FM player was custom-built as a unique feature of the new website. "The player is a nice Easter egg that I'm proud of," says Justin Sloane, who designed the different player "skins", which visitors to the site can choose, harking back to the customizable aesthetics of WinAmp players of the early 2000s. Perusing the site becomes a multimedia experience as you shuffle through our mixes and choose the skin that best suits you: a cloud, a throwback cassette player, or even the classic lime-green WinAmp face with a typographic twist!


POiSON GiRL FRiEND is the alias of Noriko Sekiguchi, whose house and breakbeat-infused pop and R&B productions were originally released in the '90s and have gained cult status within club circles and by aficionados of underground Japanese pop. Her dreamy, swooning music is a homecoming of sorts: she was born in Tokyo, raised in Brazil, educated in French schools, and discovered UK house music and club culture in London before returning to Japan, where she began releasing her own music and DJing.

Like the shapes of Sharp Freehand, which grace the cover, POiSON GiRL FRiEND's music is uniquely familiar—an amalgamation of specific influences that is rooted in an era and place, but is also timeless in its quality. This mix has a similar appeal, combining songs from the 90s with the present, and even includes an unreleased PGF track.



1. Hello Teenage America - Meat Beat Manifesto

2. I Can’t Stand It - The Specials

3. Ni avec toi ni sans toi - Vincent Delerm

4. Love - Voice Actor

5. For The Love Of Tish - The Black Dog

6. A Perfect End - Alpha

7. Amour, amour - Michel Legrand; Jacques Demy

8. L’amour dans les années 80 - Lilian Barbe

9. Celestial Ether - Kadr Livanskiy

10. Sunflower - Nabihah Iqbal

11. Schottkey 7th path - Aphex Twin

12. Sex In The Machine Take 2 - Jean-Michel Jarre, Nina Kraviz

13. Cry - Bergsonist

14. *incoming* - Bby Eco

15. The Duelist - Air; Jarvis Cocker, Charlotte Gainsbourg

16. Dade Country Fair - TWEAKS

17. I Must Spend My Gense - Charles

18. New York U.S.A. - Snooze, Serge Gainsbourg

19. Bend Over - Wagon Christ

20. Eple - Royksopp

21. Secret track - POiSON GiRL FRiEND

22. A Man And A Woman - Claudine Longet