Sharp FM 005: DJ Sweatpants & Mike Devine for Doss


Splish splash! Get in the pool with The World's Most Ethical DJ aka DJ Sweatpants aka ErikCarter, who cannonballs into the Sharp FM series hand-in-hand with bumpers maestro MikeDevine for an immersive power hour of sensory deprivation. It’s a supremely colorful and occasionally off-color deep dive into a whirlpool of music and pop culture with our incorrigible, inimitable guides.

“IT’S PISCES SEASON BABY :-) Time to get in the water and pay your respects to Lord Neptune. According to most, Neptune is the arbiter of all things dreamy and illusory, so what better way to honor His H20liness than with an hour of underwater, AI-infused weirdness?" - DJ Sweatpants

Erik and Mike are old friends of Sharp Type. They each have established independent creative practices, with art direction being the shared space in their Venn diagram. Erik, a fellow Pisces, leans fully into the mix's theme, swerving from Andre Nikatina's "Killa Whale" to the underwater gods of Detroit techno, Drexciya. Elsewhere, a pitch-shifted grunge god moans with unsettling familiarity just beyond recognition---and the grave. All of this is segmented by a ridiculous crop of bumpers and shout-outs that need to be heard, if not believed; Mike Devine speaks in digital tongues via an unholy legion---David Lynch, Joe Rogan, Bob Odenkirk, Steve-O---all generated using AI voices. "But that doesn't make the meaning behind their words any less real," Mike adds with a questionable smile.

After the two considered and radical releases that began 2023, this one marks a tonal u-turn. It's cheeky, a little ridiculous, and 100% fun. Erik's musical smorgasbord and Mike's bumpers nod to FM radio culture, hip hop interludes, and Adult Swim zaniness in equal measure. This mix also gave us a chance to play around with two of our most recent fonts available via our Beta early access program: Marc Rouault's Acid and Plexus. Cue the waterworks. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll need to take a hot shower after this one. Getting the musical bends never felt so good.



“David Lynchro” / Prime Vertical — “Mercury in Pisces” 
Underworld — “Cups (Salt City Orchestra's Vertical Bacon Vocal)”
Pisces — “Never Forget”
Andre Nickatina — “Killa Whale”
“Waterslide Story”
Union Jack — “Water Drums”
Super Mario Soulja Boy — “Crank Dat Dire, Dire Docks”
Drexciya — “Flying Fish (Unknown Journey VI)”
Drexciya — “Aquabahn”
Ghostface Killah — “Underwater”
“Brian Buttfuck” / H Takahashi — “Underwater”
FISHMANS — ”Weather Report”
Pisces — “Children Kiss Your Mother Goodnight”
Saint Etienne — “Swim Swan Swim”
Ugly God — “Water”
“Honda” / Eric Vann — “Underwater”
Rihanna — “Consideration (DJ Sweatpants' 35% Sped Up, More Bass Remix)”
Pill Wonder — “Wishing Whale”
Toy Love — “Swimming Pool”
OCS — ”The Pool”
“Kratom” / Imaginary Softwoods — “Glass Rain Springs Channel”
Bored Lord — ”heart shaped boxx”
dj interior semiotics — ”nirvana im so happy lol”
goreshit — “watch me drown”
Ricky Eat Acid — “God puts us all in the swimming pool”
The Velvet Underground — ”Ocean”
“David L’Outro”